A tiny Bee gives clue to a bigger issue

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Have you ever been stung by a bee?

honeybee-525224_640Nobody likes having a bee around. It’s a constant looming threat of a painful sting. And of course there’s the issue of allergies. Even if you’re not personally allergic to bee stings, people around you might be. So the sight of a bee can cause some quite justifiable concern. The best thing to do at this point is to find a good carpenter bee traps vendor to attempt to trap all the bees. I don’t think that anyone would find fault with me for having some concern when I kept seeing bees wandering around in my house. What people might find strange is that it ended up with a desperate search for rodent removal Houston experts. Because, it turned out that the wildlife issue I was dealing with went far beyond bees. I literally spent days trying to track where the bees were coming from. And that’s when I discovered it.

Apparently I had a small leak in my roof. The leak, in turn, had begun rotting away the wood at the top of my house. And this had created a small hole. Insects had been making their way into my home through the hole. In reality, the bee was more of an early warning system than a pest. As I looked into it further, I saw tracks that looked distinctly worrisome. Very large claws have a way of making people a bit nervous.

footstep-159262_640You can imagine how worried I was as I slowly backed my way down out of the attic. I knew there was a very good chance that there could be wild animals up there. Worse, I was also quite aware of the fact that they could be anywhere in the house. And in particular, I was horrified to realize that I’d been standing around with the entrance to the attic wide open. Anything could have jumped down from there while I wasn’t looking. I might have just let invaders go from my attic down into the house. I had terrified ideas of waking up with glowing eyes gazing into mine.
So, I very slowly began to back down the ladder. I almost wanted to call for wildlife control right there. But I had a rather justifiable fear that I’d begin a conversation only to have it punctuated by me starting to cry. Thankfully for me, that terror stayed firmly within the realm of my imagination. Or at least that particular fear was.