Wildlife Control Options

squirrel control

squirrel control
There are multiple options that you can consider to handle your squirrel issues. The first options we are going to discuss is the one I highly recommend, if at all possible.

squirrel removal company Learn to live with the squirrels: This is the best course of action if possible. We have wildlife everywhere, and that is the way it should be. We share the earth with all sorts of creatures, and everything has its job and is part of the ecosystem. If your mission is a wildlife free yard, it will be hard to achieve. Animals like squirrels or chipmunks are very territorial. If you remove one, it does not take long for another to claim the area. So how do you live with them? Start by securing all access to your home. Inspect your home. Seal all possible entrances to your attack. Inspect your siding; small animals can often find the smallest area to make their way in. This is good advice overall as it will also help to prevent mice from entering your home. Once this is done and successful; squirrels in the home should not be an issue. The remaining issue is learning to garden with squirrels. Keeping squirrels from the garden area would be the best long term solution. A wire mesh wrap may be used to protect your flowers and vegetable gardens. You can also protect garden produce with mesh cages. I know people enjoy putting out bird feeders, but you may want to consider removing them, since spilled seed attracts squirrels, and squirrel proofing a feeder is often difficult. I know this route can be work, but you make find that you enjoy the results. It can be fun to see cute little squirrels running around the yard.

Trapping and relocating squirrels:

squirrel removing I hope you made all efforts to live with our squirrelly little friends however sometimes that may not be enough. When you have found that the trouble squirrel needs to go then, you can consider the option of humane catch and release. I do not consider this the best option for the following reasons; Squirrels could have a nest of babies. If the mother is caught and removed the babies will be left to fend for themselves and will die. Sadly this is not always something that can be prevented but should be avoided if possible. When you catch your first squirrel the next consideration is where do you release it? You have permission from the landowner of the relocation site. It would not be good to just release your problem on someone else without their acknowledgment and approval. Keep in mind that squirrels are savvy little things and have been known to find there way home; up to 15 miles away! Keep in mind that relocating is not always the kindest option because a relocated squirrel can become disoriented in a new environment and therefore get hit by a car. A relocated squirrel may find themselves in another squirrel’s territory; resulting in injury or death. Due to this complication, I strongly suggest that you learn to live with squirrels. After all, they are an interesting animal.

The Specific Wildlife Controls and Removal

squirrel removal

squirrel removal
Some animals like the squirrel and the armadillo can cause harm to properties. Squirrels are primarily found in garages and basements. The dig out spaces and make a lot of noises. To get rid of the squirrels, repair all spaces that the squirrels can use to get into the building. Any holes made by the squirrels should be properly sealed to avoid the squirrel from coming back.

Animals like the raccoons can cause rabies and other diseases to people.

it is important to handle carefully these animals to avoid them biting you. They destruct properties too. This should not anger you to make you want to hurt the raccoon. Trap and handle the raccoon with care. Call for assistance from the animal removal services to help you take out the animals out safely. Snakes can be very dangerous and venomous. Despite not all snakes being poisonous, it is important to handle the snakes carefully. Do not beat up the snake to die. The snake only comes to houses in search of water, shelter and food. Trap the snake safely and release it to nature. Seal all place that the snake could have entered the house. Snakes can be scary, so one can always ask for professional assistance.

Armadillos are also so dangerous like the other wild animals.

armadillo They bury themselves in lawns and gardens. They can transmit rabies and leprosy. They also carry salmonella bacteria, which is not healthy. Set live traps for the armadillos and release the far away into the wild. Rats are very stubborn and annoying. They make a lot of noises and gnaw through wood and papers. Rats can easily be removed from the house as they are easily trapped. They can be caught by removable glue boards, non-poisonous food traps, and other live baits. This ensures that the rats are alive and can be released into nature.

Bats are equally annoying and stubborn to leave the house.

They trouble so much and need some force to make them go. The bats can harm and bite when forced out. This is why it is important to call for professional assistance so as not to harm the bats, or be hurt by them.

Treating the Wildlife with Decency

care and humanity Wild animals are a nuisance, dangerous and very stubborn. However, not all of them are dangerous, as they are out just to look for food, water, and shelter. Wild animals should be treated with care and humanity. They deserve to be treated decently, fairly and given a chance to live like any other living animals. It is advised to release the animals back into the wild. The animals can also be taken to the adoption center to be joined with the species of their same kind. This gives the animals a feeling of homeliness, making them happy and comfortable, as they are provided with water, shelter, food and protection.

Fun Facts About Squirrels

squirrel facts

squirrel facts
Now that you have learned to live with squirrels I would like to share some fun facts and interesting facts about them. The more you know about a creature, the easier it is to live with them and learn to love living with them.

Squirrels are the cousins of prairie dogs and woodchucks. The Squirrels are pretty widespread as their relatives can be seen all over the trees, parks, and woodlands across the world to include Australia, Asia, and the Europe.

Squirrels have a love of nuts, but they have a large and diverse food supply. They are known to eat small insects, tree bark, roots, and leaves. This is why they love everything from your garden to your bird feeders. Squirrels spend their summer foraging for food with enthusiasm. They do this for a reason. They must gather enough food to get them through the winter. Therefore they work very hard in the summer and especially the fall to accomplish this. They will bury all of their food. When winter starts the squirrels will hibernate but as soon as they wake up they seek out their hidden food; as they will be hungry.

Types of Squirrels:

Eastern Grey Squirrels Eastern Grey Squirrels. The average length of the grey squirrel is eighteen inches. Half of that is the tail; The tail is 9 inches on average. An adult grey squirrel will weigh approximately one and a half pounds. They have fur that is white and black peppered. This gives they a grey color, hence their name. They live in rural areas, urban areas, and in any woodland areas. They have a strong love for oak trees, beech trees, and any trees which produce nuts. They gravitate toward these types of trees as they supply them with the squirrels main food source. What sets grey squirrels apart is the winter season. They do not hibernate! You can often see them scurrying around looking for food. Grey squirrels are not vegetarian as you might think, they are scavengers and therefore have been known to eat small birds and their eggs!

Flying Squirrel:

Flying Squirrels Flying Squirrels do not fly. Instead, they glide. They do this using a thin and furred piece of membrane that starts at their wrists and extends to their ankles. They are very similar to other squirrels with the exception that they glide from limb to limb versus jumping. They are very cute little things that have a soft fur that comes in a variety of colors. The colors range from grayish to reddish brown. The belly of the squirrel is typically dark gray but can be tipped with a cream color. These squirrels are very social animals by nature. They prefer to live together in goups. The groups usually consist of males as the females will go off to have their young in separate nests. The females are very protective of their young and therefore the males to not partake in the raising of the babies.

Red Squirrels:

red squirrel The red squirrel gets its name from its color. They are a rust red color. They have a thin body and very bushy tail. Twice a year the Red Squirrel will shed its fur to accommodate the various seasons. Nuts and acorns are the main diets for the Red Squirrel. They will store the excess in trees. They are very in intelligent as they will store food in multiple places; therefore if one food storage is discovered and destroyed, they will not starve. The female Red Squirrel typically have two litters of babies a year. The typical size of the litter is 2 or 3 babies. When they are born, they can’t see or hear for three weeks. They will be old enough and strong enough to search for their food at six weeks of age. They will stay with the mother until then. The average lifespan of a squirrel is three years of age.

These are just a couple examples of the different squirrels out there. We did enjoy the baby squirrels that we had the opportunity to raise. I do wish they could have stayed with their mother, as that would have been in there best interest. I often think of them and hope that their release into the wild went well and that they were able to live a normal life. Every time I see one scurry across the yard or run across the road, I think of that unique and unusual experience. Please remember that they are better with their mother so if you come across a nest, please don’t disturb it. The mother is most likely nearby and ready to take care of them. I always recommend people tried and educated themselves on a situation before they take action, and that include the removal of a squirrel or any animal for that matter. If you can find a way to live together, that is always the best way!

Safe Wildlife Animal Removal in Atlanta

raccoon removing service

raccoon removing service
Wild animals can cause disturbances at home when they intrude. They can also cause harm to humans, e.g. the snakes, or to properties, like the raccoons and the armadillo. This is normal as the animals might only be looking for food like any other living creature. These animals should be treated with much care and humanity.

The Animals Protection Act protects the animals. It is, therefore, important to remove the animals carefully without harming them.

The Atlanta wildlife removal offers the safest and most humane ways in the wildlife removal.

Individual should learn how to remove these animals carefully from their habitations. If you cannot be able to, kindly contact, animal removal services to help you with this service. It is important to install animal proofing to avoid entry of the wild animals. Dealing with the wildlife requires that one study the habitations, feeding and the reproduction patterns of the animals. If there is an entry of a wild animal, find out why the animals came to the house. It could be because of food, or in search of new habitation. The entry and the exit places of the animals should be carefully studied. Once this is established, set the traps I the entry and the exit areas to catch the animals. Put the food that the wild animals can feed on, or water, in a place they can be easily caught. Once the animals come feeding on the food or drink the water, they will be trapped. The animals need to be sent back to their family of nature safely. You should not hurt the animal in any way.

The animal can so be taken to the animal adoption center for safety and security.

animal adoption centerAny unintended injury to the animals should be treated carefully before releasing the animals. There are different kinds of wild animals. They all require different kind of methods to traps and attract the animals for their removal. It is important, therefore, to study the different kind of the methods, for the respective animals. The presence of the wildlife in your home can easily be identified. Any noises, abnormal odor, bird nests overhanging in the house, unexplainable destruction of property of unexplainable death of your pet, is a good indicator of entry of wildlife in the house. You should immediately search for the animals and set traps for the animals. If you cannot trace the animals, call for wildlife removal professionals to assist you in locating and trapping the animals.

Wildlife and Humane Removal

wildlife control

wildlife control

Killing wildlife for ending up in your home isn’t humane at all.

A few things to consider when relocating an animal is does the animal have babies? Make sure that you’re not orphaning young. If you want your home less appealing to wildlife you need to remove food, water and shelter so your home is less enticing. Make sure you have tight fitting lids on trash cans. Make sure you don’t have standing water. It’s even a good idea to make sure your house has no cracks or holes wildlife can sneak through. You will also find allot of different repellents for almost every animal I listed. I have researched these repellents to find they’re not that productive. If you choose to use a repellent it would benefit you more to spray daily if you’re using them outside, since the climate can affect the potency of the repellent. I would strongly discourage poison. Poison can be eaten by children and other pets resulting in death. If you have a rodent problem I would stay away from the traps that kill. Do you really want decaying bodies laying around your house?
Always remember after removing the wildlife to clean all feces and urine.

Glue traps are incredibly inhumane and also dangerous for humans. Glue traps leave animals stuck for a slow painful death. Reasons to humanely remove animals are because they all serve a purpose in the ecosystem and killing them throws that out of balance and can cause other wildlife to become over populated. If you have a rat or mouse problem and you kill a snake, your mouse problem will get worse. Think about it. These animals are looking for food and find it on your property, you destroy one making the other multiply. snakes eat mice and chickens. Bats and spiders eat insects. Raccoons and opossums are attracted to trash. squirrels like seeds and corn. Birds like seeds and worms. Hawkes like snakes and worms.

Wildlife can be entertaining to watch.

cute wildlifeI love the daily visits i get from the deer in my back field, watching the doe look after her baby while they eat and he plays, and the little hummingbird that comes right up to me now that she seems to know I’m not a threat. People seem to really enjoy seeing wildlife, otherwise we wouldn’t have zoos. I even enjoy taking my children bird watching and feeding the ducks and fish at the local marina. It can be scary and a nuisance when you have wildlife like raccoons and opossums moving in. My best friend started feeding the raccoon that was invading our dumpster. This turned out to be a very bad idea, since the raccoon started coming on the porch and right up to her. I even had a large raccoon at an old house that climbed into the shower wall.

I saw how the raccoon was getting under the house and tried to block it off with a brick. In the end we had someone come out who through mothballs under the house where the raccoon was entering. When I got up the next morning the raccoon had moved all the mothballs onto the porch. Next step was humane removal, the raccoon was caught in a trap and taken but not before it created some damage under our bathroom. People from all over the world visit wild life reserves like Yellowstone national park in Wyoming, which spans over three thousand miles. Vancouver island in Canada. Khao Sok national park in Thailand. Amazon rain forest which is half the rainforest in the world and the perfect place to experience wildlife in it’s natural habitat. Barbados has a wildlife reserve that’s different from your average zoo, they let you roam freely through the reserve and watch the animals. Kafue national park in Africa. This is one of Africa’s biggest national parks with parts still not ventured.

Happy Humane Wildlife Removal Stories

animal control

animal control
There was a story on the news about a storm blowing over a tree with a four foot beehive by a school, the students got to see the bees and hive while experts came and removed the hive and bees without injury. A woman had a bat in her living room so she called the police. the officer showed up and was swinging a tennis racket at the bat, luckily animal control showed up and safely removed the bat before the officer got him with the tennis racket. The weather channel had a story last week about a Florida woman who looked up from her phone to see a bear right in front of her, she took pictures and text her son who scared the bear away.

happy wildlifeThe weather channel also featured a story about a bald eagle who was rescued after being injured during hurricane Hermine and is doing well with treatment and expected to be released back into the wild. A 450 pound alligator was captured near a middle school, they say the gator was hanging around because people were feeding it. By Yellowstone national park a man watched a doe with two fawns, one of the fawns had an injured leg and was eventually left behind. This man took the doe in and nursed it back to health and him and his dog became very close to this little fawn. This man plans to reunite the fawn with it’s mother. There is a video on youtube of a goat with it’s leg stuck underwater and a pig swam out and saved this goat.

A woman who noticed a kitten on a busey intersection jumped off her bike and ran out to save the little feline.A baby fox had gotten tangled in a soccer net and was strangling wildlife aid rescuers cut him free. Michigan humane society rescued a puppy who had been stuck in a underground pipe all night. David Sheldrick wildlife trust rescued a baby elephant who fell down a well in Kenya and was greeted on the plain by two rescued baby ostriches. In 2015 fox 4 news aired a story about a great pyrenees who stood over his deceased dog friend on the side of the road in Dallas. This is such a sad story that would makes anyone cry and realise these animals have feelings the same as we do. A life taken is a life taken no matter the species, the Bible say’s it best “do unto others as you would want done unto you”. I would extend that to all of Gods creatures.