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Wildlife Control Options

squirrel control

squirrel control
There are multiple options that you can consider to handle your squirrel issues. The first options we are going to discuss is the one I highly recommend, if at all possible.

squirrel removal company Learn to live with the squirrels: This is the best course of action if possible. We have wildlife everywhere, and that is the way it should be. We share the earth with all sorts of creatures, and everything has its job and is part of the ecosystem. If your mission is a wildlife free yard, it will be hard to achieve. Animals like squirrels or chipmunks are very territorial. If you remove one, it does not take long for another to claim the area. So how do you live with them? Start by securing all access to your home. Inspect your home. Seal all possible entrances to your attack. Inspect your siding; small animals can often find the smallest area to make their way in. This is good advice overall as it will also help to prevent mice from entering your home. Once this is done and successful; squirrels in the home should not be an issue. The remaining issue is learning to garden with squirrels. Keeping squirrels from the garden area would be the best long term solution. A wire mesh wrap may be used to protect your flowers and vegetable gardens. You can also protect garden produce with mesh cages. I know people enjoy putting out bird feeders, but you may want to consider removing them, since spilled seed attracts squirrels, and squirrel proofing a feeder is often difficult. I know this route can be work, but you make find that you enjoy the results. It can be fun to see cute little squirrels running around the yard.

Trapping and relocating squirrels:

squirrel removing I hope you made all efforts to live with our squirrelly little friends however sometimes that may not be enough. When you have found that the trouble squirrel needs to go then, you can consider the option of humane catch and release. I do not consider this the best option for the following reasons; Squirrels could have a nest of babies. If the mother is caught and removed the babies will be left to fend for themselves and will die. Sadly this is not always something that can be prevented but should be avoided if possible. When you catch your first squirrel the next consideration is where do you release it? You have permission from the landowner of the relocation site. It would not be good to just release your problem on someone else without their acknowledgment and approval. Keep in mind that squirrels are savvy little things and have been known to find there way home; up to 15 miles away! Keep in mind that relocating is not always the kindest option because a relocated squirrel can become disoriented in a new environment and therefore get hit by a car. A relocated squirrel may find themselves in another squirrel’s territory; resulting in injury or death. Due to this complication, I strongly suggest that you learn to live with squirrels. After all, they are an interesting animal.